Tickets may be purchased in any of these ways:

1) At Grass Roots Bookstore, 227 SW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97333 (cash or check only).
2) Will call – call Amy at (240) 601-8992 to reserve your tickets. Pay for and pick up your tickets at the door.
3) By Mail – make checks out to Chamber Music Corvallis and mail to: Chamber Music Corvallis, P.O. Box 962, Corvallis, OR 97339
4) At the door with cash, check, or credit card.
5) Online via Brown Paper Tickets

Individual tickets ($26) may be purchased at Grass Roots Bookstore, 227 SW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97333. Cash or check only. Tickets are available at this location for about two weeks preceding each concert.  In other words, even though tickets are undated and are good for any concert of the season, tickets are not continually available for purchase at Grass Roots throughout the season, but only for the two weeks preceding each concert.

Individual tickets ($26) may be reserved via will call. 

Call Amy at (240) 601-8992 before noon on the day of the concert.  This is a voice mail number:  please leave your name and the number of tickets you would like to reserve.  Then, the reserved tickets will be held for purchase at the door.  Check, cash, and credit cards are accepted.

Individual tickets ($29) may be purchased at the door with check, cash, or credit card. 

There are several possible methods for getting reduced-price individual tickets at the door:
1) Free admission for K-12 students and OSU students.
2) Discount vouchers ($15).  Each discount voucher (properly filled out with name, mailing address, and email address) entitles the holder to purchase a single $15 admission.  (Discount vouchers come with the purchase of season ticket packages.)
3) Individuals may purchase a $15 admission if they are any of the following: college student (non-OSU); spouse of an OSU student; parent of an attending K-12 student; music teacher. 
4) Corvallis Arts for All ($5).  Oregon Trail Card holders are eligible for up to two $5 discounted tickets under the CAFA program. All season ticket packages may also be purchased at the door at the first two concerts of the season.

Parents are encouraged to bring children aged 6 years and older, but only those, please, who are mature enough to appreciate the performance and to understand concert etiquette.